Finding a College

So you've made up your mind about going to college, but what school should you choose? First, you need to know what majors you're considering. With that, let's start with a checklist.

  1. Narrow your list of interests down to those you'd be happy pursuing for money.
  2. Find related majors and degrees by studying online degree programs.
  3. Visit both traditional college websites as well as online colleges and inspect the course catalog. The website should have an area dedicated to degrees and majors offered.
  4. Apply for your favorite colleges and universities.
  5. Apply for financial aid and loans if needed.
Things to consider when applying to a college:
  • Graduation rates and statistics
  • Tuition costs
  • Student happiness
  • Post graduation success statistics
  • Location
  • Demographics
  • Majors and degrees offered
You can start your search with online colleges. That way you can get a clear picture of what is possible.

By Matthew Felsted

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