Fraternities and Sororities

By Matthew Felsted

Joining a fraternity 

society of brotherhood for college males

Fraternities have been around since the dawn of civilization. From the famous secret society of The Skull and Bones at Yale to Phi Beta Sigma fraternity, some of the most influential men in the world spent their college years in frat houses doing things they'd never tell their mothers. George W. Bush belonged to the clandestine good old boy's club of the Skull and Bones secret society. Fraternities can be so powerful that they can come to resemble cults. The spirit of brotherhood formed in these close-knit societies can be stronger than blood. Fraternities are infamous for their classic exploits and rowdy behavior. To sum it up, frat boys are binge drinking, dorm rushing, panty raiding pirates.

Downside of joining a fraternity

Fraternities are often closed to the upper middle class, as they often require $10,000 or more per semester. You may find one that will let you join for free. With all the excitement and gorging in excess of vices of all kinds, your GPA may suffer. If you want to belong to a fraternity and still maintain a high GPA, you might look for a values based fraternity. If you belong to a religion, you can probably find a fraternity just for students that belong to your religion.

Joining a Sorority

society of sisterhood for college girls

Inspired by male brotherhood organizations, college girls have organized private societies for 'girls only' group. Sororities are a powerful social and support group for young college girls and can empower women. 

The darkside of campus societies

Part of classic initiation rituals include the brutal and humiliating hazing tradition. Hazing is a way for initiates to prove their dedication to the society by fulfilling challenges set by senior members. Such challenges have been known to be awful and sometimes humiliating. Other hazing actions can be harmless and more friendly, but one should be cautious as to not over do it. College students have been known to die in unfortunate hazing accidents.

Binge drinking can be fatal if blood alcohol levels exceed a given amount. Students that have had too much too drink are encouraged to dilute the 'poison' of alcohol with plenty of water. If you or a friend is in obvious pain and misery from binge drinking, don't hesitate to get to the hospital. Many college students have died from alcohol poisoning.

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